Material Purchasing And Installation


Material Purchasing And Installation For Remodeling Projects

If you’re about to start a remodeling project, you’re probably wondering if you should buy your own materials for a remodel or if you should seek the help of a professional installation company. While remodeling adds value to your home, large-scale renovations can be a significant investment, and you might be tempted to cut corners. Getting your remodeling material yourself might seem like a cheaper or more manageable option, but it’s best to leave material selection and installation to the professionals – of course guided by your style and needs.

Starting a remodeling project can be stressful for any homeowner — leave the ordering and installation to your installation company. With professional ordering, scheduling, organizing and installation, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right installation materials or unknowingly investing in low-quality products. You can trust your installation company with everything and enjoy the benefits of quality work without the time and anxiety of shopping for the remodel all by yourself – which can be overwhelming!

Let’s look at how getting your materials and installation from the same company can benefit you and ultimately lead to better home remodeling every time.

Who Should Purchase The Materials For A Remodeling Project?

A professional remodeling company is the best option for purchasing materials when it comes to a remodeling project. While you have a vision for what your dream remodel should look like, a professional remodeling company has the best access to materials, samples and tools. Many additional parts, costs and hours are associated with bringing together a remodel that will make it nearly impossible to do yourself on top of your regular responsibilities.

Take the stress of remodeling off your shoulders and enjoy using a one-stop shop for your remodeling project. With access to high-quality materials and expert installation, trust professionals to guide you through your entire remodel from start to finish.

Why Should An Installation Company Provide The Materials For Remodeling Projects?

You shouldn’t buy materials for a remodeling project. Installation professionals know the best products for your unique home and remodel vision. Every home or business needs careful examination to determine the best materials and installation for each project. While buying materials yourself might seem more convenient, professional installers know what hidden damages, road bumps and details to look for in a job, eliminating the risk of wasted time and money on low-quality or incompatible materials.

Professional flooring installers will also give you access to materials with clearer warranties. Working with varying material information can be confusing and challenging to keep track of. Professionals will have all the information on product warranties for a cleaner, more straightforward understanding of your home remodel’s new warranties.

Professional installers know the common issues many homes have and how to solve them with the right materials during installation. You might not know how to correct the problems with the sub-floor, but a professional installer will understand how to tackle it and improve your home’s final look and durability.

It’s easy to miss minor problems and hidden issues, and relying on a high-quality installation company for your projects eliminates that risk. Our experienced installers carefully examine your home and identify any problems that need addressing or accounted for during the renovation.

You depend on your home for shelter, warmth, comfort and family — don’t trust your remodel to anyone but the best.

Why You Should Use A Professional Installation Company For Remodels

Getting a professional company takes the stress of remodeling off your shoulders and saves countless hours and budget dollars. A house or room remodel involves dozens of decisions and parts — picking out materials, measuring, building, installing, safety checks, corrections, colors and more. Keeping track of all the parts, material orders and payments is a time-consuming, busy job. If you’re working full-time, organizing and implementing a remodel yourself will leave you with lots of stress and no free time.

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Professional installers entire job is remodeling — this means they can fully devote their time and attention to your project and every fine detail that goes into it. They have the training and experience to organize your remodel efficiently. Professionals know how to best order, install and check your remodel materials, while you can focus on your other responsibilities.

Professional installers also have better tools and equipment, making the job faster and the results longer-lasting. Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom requires suitable tools to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting job. Most homeowners won’t have everything they need to renovate, so you’ll have to purchase all the tools and materials yourself. This might seem cost-effective initially, but you probably won’t use these tools often and will have spent money on equipment you’ll only need once.

You also run the risk of investing in the wrong type of tools or low-quality products that won’t withstand the entire renovation.

Using a professional installer also saves you money in the long run. Sourcing and buying your own tools and building materials could very likely lead to problems down the road. If you buy the wrong or lower-quality materials, you’ll have to pay to replace them and re-install everything. You may also have to pay extra for the delivery or shipment of bulky or heavy materials.

Leaving the details to your installer means you get high-quality materials that fit your home’s needs with a professional flooring installation and remodeling job. This will give you a long-lasting, attractive home that you won’t have to worry about replacing due to faulty materials.

When you purchase and ship materials yourself, you take on all the project risks. Having a separate company come in and install the remodel materials you bought could leave you short on material, stuck with the wrong types or left with a poor installation. When this happens, the installer often blames the material and the material manufacturer blames the installer. You are then stuck in the middle to sort it out. Getting your material and remodeling from the same company ensures the risk for material isn’t on you — the company will work with you to get the suitable materials for your home in the right quantities, so you aren’t responsible for fixing any material shortages or taking on the cost of product waste.



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Who Should Buy Materials For Kitchen Remodels?

When doing a remodel, avoid paying for the materials yourself and hiring an installer separately — this can lead to issues with the project. Choose an installation company that does it all when it comes to home remodels so you get consistent quality from start to finish and no avoidable disruptions to the remodeling timeline.

Getting your materials for your remodeling project from the same installation company has many advantages that will make your life much easier.

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Advantages Of Buying Materials For Kitchen Remodels From Your Installation Company

Buying materials from an installation company can provide you with top-quality materials and a variety of options for your remodel, with advantages like:

  • Access to more materials: Professional installers can access better materials than most homeowners can find in box stores. You can get more durable, stylish products working directly with an installation company since they have better access to remodeling materials like flooring and tile.
  • Years of project experience: Getting materials from an installation company also gives you access to their professional resources and years of industry experience. A professional installer can look at your home, work with your tastes and help you find the best flooring for your kitchen or the best materials for your home project.
  • Material delivery: They’ll also take care of ordering the materials and delivering them to your house, reducing the labor and stress you have to deal with while ensuring the materials arrive damage-free and on time to begin the renovation.

Advantages Of Using A Professional Installation Company For Kitchen Remodels

A professional installation will give you faster, better results for your remodel.

  • Material accuracy: Since our experts handle material ordering and installation, you won’t find yourself short on material.
  • Up-front estimates: Having one company handle everything means you also get to see your entire project estimate right at the beginning. No more guessing at potential material costs and installation prices — we’ll give you the whole estimate at the start, so you aren’t caught off-guard by material shortages, extra fees, tool replacements and delays.
  • Better results: rofessional installation ensures better remodeling results. Kitchens are full of cabinets, shelves and hardware — these obstacles lead to dozens of nooks and crannies, and mismeasuring something can throw the entire kitchen off and set the project back significantly. Professionals perform remodeling jobs for a living — they measure everything precisely and can have your remodel completed much more quickly than someone with little to no experience.
  • Safer installation: Kitchens have lots of plumbing and electrical systems to work with. Without proper training and experience, you could end up causing severe damage to your home’s plumbing or electricity. Any damage to these systems could mean paying extra money to get a plumber or electrician out to your house, increasing your bill and the time you have to spend on the remodel.


Who Should Buy Materials For Bathroom Remodels?


Like kitchen remodels, you should leave purchasing bathroom renovation materials to a professional company. You want your bathroom renovation to look sleek and spotless — why go anywhere except a professional for help?

With an installation company, you get better results and better materials for the perfect bathroom. Streamline the process of remodeling with superior materials from proven installers and avoid the risks of buying and installing yourself.

Advantages Of Buying Materials For Bathroom Remodel From Installation Company

Trusting your installation company with your bathroom materials has several advantages you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Experience with moisture-resistant materials: Due to high traffic and moisture, bathrooms need quality, waterproof materials. Any weak material or improper installation will let water seep into the cracks, floors and walls. Once water gets through the bathroom materials, it can lead to destructive mold and rot spreading and weakening your home’s structure, causing costly damage. Without the right materials, you expose your bathroom to future moisture-related issues.
  • Better deals on supplies: Installation companies have better relationships with suppliers than homeowners. They can get better deals, materials and a more comprehensive selection directly from suppliers.
  • A larger variety of options: Homeowners are limited to box stores or online retailers, making accessing quality materials for bathroom remodels more challenging, especially if you have a unique vision in mind. Not only do installation companies have excellent access to supplies, but they also show you a variety of materials, colors and patterns for your floors. Choose from tile, luxury vinyl or even natural stone for your bathroom and enjoy a strong, stylish floor that lasts. Our team even offers extra features like heated flooring, which improves your home’s comfort and increases its value.
  • Accurate sizing and measurements: Installation companies measure and size bathroom materials better than a homeowner with no remodel experience. Shower tiles need to be sized correctly to avoid ordering the wrong tile for your bathroom. You’ll also want professional help when looking for things like sink countertops and bathroom shelving. Fixtures need correct sizing, and a professional company can order everything quickly and correctly, so you don’t have to worry about the wrong materials showing up.

Advantages Of Using A Professional Installation Company For Bathroom Remodels

Just like with kitchens, professional bathroom remodels will give you a superior end-product. Professional experience and training will always have better results and durability than DIY work. Enjoy these long-lasting advantages of choosing professional installation with the right company:

  • Skilled installation: Laying bathroom flooring, grouting tile and getting all the cabinets, counters and fixtures right is even more essential for bathrooms since you must prevent water from getting into the structure. With professional installers, you can get help to create custom bathroom remodels with custom tile patterns, designs and colors. You also enjoy the benefits of professional tools, craftsmanship and experience laying tiles correctly and ensuring everything fits exactly where it should.
  • Experience with bathroom plumbing: Many small, technical details go into a bathroom remodel — these are easy to look over when you jump into a remodel yourself. You’ll quickly encounter difficulties if you aren’t a professional. Getting the proper plumbing installed, correctly installing the shower and adequately fitting the sink into the countertop require expert skill and close attention to detail. Measuring fixtures and navigating bathroom plumbing isn’t easy, and it’s essential they’re done correctly for a safe, useable bathroom.
  • Guaranteed quality: A bad bathroom remodeler or material shortage can leave you with a hefty bathroom-fix bill. Why spend your money and time on getting materials yourself and going through a separate installation company when you could have everything done right the first time? Any hidden problems or poor installation will result in you paying more money than if you had gotten materials and installation from the same reputable group like the team at Area Flooring & Tile, Inc.

Don’t cut corners with your bathroom — get good, professional work and enjoy the results for many years with help from an experienced and trusted installation company.
Material Purchasing And Installation in Crystal Lake, IL from Area Flooring & Tile

Trust Area Flooring & Tile, Inc. To Get The Job Done The Right Way The First Time!

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While you might be tempted to take on your home remodel alone, save money and time with Area Flooring & Tile, Inc. professional home remodels. We take care of the material ordering and installation for you so you can be sure you’re getting the best remodel the first time. Avoid dealing with faulty materials and bad installations — trust our expert team to carry you through every step of the renovation project.

We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best service and results at affordable rates — that’s why we handle installation and materials and work directly with suppliers to get better deals and options than regular box stores. With high-quality products straight from the source, you’ll receive long-lasting, attractive renovations without any of the usual stress.

Cut out the middle man and get started on your next home remodel with our superior services today. If you’re in McHenry county or the surrounding areas, contact us online to discuss your project goals!