Carpet Installation & Rugs In Crystal Lake

You can’t beat the warmth and feel of a quality carpet. It feels comfortable and soft, and it is easier on the feet. With a quality pad and carpet, you can curl up in front of the fireplace and lounge on the floor in comfort. Carpeting adds to your décor using a wide variety of color schemes, patterns, and pile heights enabling you to compose the personalized environment you want for every room. Carpet also minimizes and softens slips and falls—providing safety protection for the whole family. Carpet makes for a quieter environment as it dampens sound better than hard surfaces, and our carpets are treated with the highest stain resistance techniques in the industry. If you’re looking to buy nylon carpet in Crystal Lake, many of our residential carpets are made of nylon, which is the highest quality and most wear-resistant carpet fiber. Also, consider covering your existing hard surface floor with an area rug. We can create custom area rugs with any of our quality carpet styles!

Professional Carpet Installation In Crystal Lake

There are many benefits to choosing a professional carpet installer rather than installing the carpet yourself, such as:
  • Proper tools: Installing carpet can be an involved process, and specialty tools that professional carpet installers use are necessary for properly sizing the carpet and attaching it to the carpet pad. Pieces will shift or come up if not attached correctly, and using regular scissors will cause the carpet to become stringy and likely uneven.
  • Warranty: Carpet installers offer warranties on their carpeting for protection on your investment. When you do it yourself, you will not be protected in case of tears, bubbles or any other imperfections. Damage costs can quickly add up, and you may spend more than you would have on a professional.
  • Expert knowledge: Professionals know how to identify issues that the average person might not consider, such as inspecting and addressing sub-flooring damage before installing the carpet.

When it comes to carpet installation in Crystal Lake, Area Flooring & Tile, Inc. offers unbeatable service. We will install your carpet correctly to save you time and money, and we have the experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Crystal Lake Stair Runner Installation

At Area Flooring & Tile, Inc., we provide quality installation on stair runners as well. There are numerous benefits to installing stair runners on your stairs, including:
  • Safety: Carpet reduces the risk of slips and injuries and provides additional padding for an extra cushion if someone does fall. The cushion is also easier on joints and feet to enhance underfoot comfort.
  • Protective covering: If you have hardwood stairs, a carpet stair runner will protect the hardwood from wear and tear caused by shoes, pet claws and other impacts. The carpet protection will also reduce the frequency of refinishing your hardwood stairs, which can be an expensive service.
  • Noise reduction: Carpet absorbs and can even completely eliminate the sound of people walking on stairs.

For stair runner installation in Crystal Lake, Area Flooring & Tile, Inc. has the services you need.

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