Kitchen Remodeling Tips


Kitchen Remodeling Tips From Area Flooring & Tile

The kitchen is the place for family and friends to gather and enjoy a home-cooked meal together. Over the years, maybe you’ve noticed that your kitchen could use a new look.

How To Remodel A Kitchen

If you’re ready to renovate your kitchen, reach out to a local contractor like Area Flooring & Tile for your kitchen remodel. You’ll need guidance as you create a kitchen that will last you years to come. Here are some tips for how to design a kitchen remodel to get you started.

1. Create A Floor Plan For Your Kitchen Layout

If you want to redesign a central space in your home, you shouldn’t make spontaneous decisions. A coherent, efficient plan is the first step to creating your dream kitchen. You may take several months to design a practical layout.

Speak with your contractor about possible floor plan ideas, or look up photos online to spark your creativity. Here are some other tips for planning your floor plan kitchen layout:

  • Look at your existing kitchen: Think about the problems you have with your current kitchen. Are the appliances too close together? Are your family members bumping into each other? Design your floor plan to create a natural flow throughout your kitchen.
  • Plan for the future: You’re going to be using this kitchen for years to come. Design an efficient, safe kitchen for your family to use as you all grow. Or maybe the kids are grown, and you can now get the kitchen you’ve dreamed of.
  • Expect the unexpected: Unforeseen circumstances could delay your project. During those trying times, you need to be patient. Communicate with your contractor to develop realistic expectations and deadlines.




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2. Keep Style Consistent Throughout Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the first rooms guests notice when they come into your home. As such a valuable part of the home, the kitchen should have a functional yet decorative aesthetic. Design a consistent theme for your kitchen by following these tips:

  • Complement the rest of your house: Choose a design theme that fits in with the rest of the home. If your living space has blue walls and hardwood floors, incorporate blue and wood in your kitchen design.
  • Have a color theme: The colors and textures in your kitchen can tell a story. In this space, where you entertain and cook, create a design theme that reflects your personality. Choose flooring and cabinetry materials to reflect your overall color palette.
  • Remember flooring: The right flooring material is essential for the kitchen of your dreams. Tile and natural stone are easy to clean and maintain. They will also enhance the bright, elegant atmosphere of your kitchen. Make sure the color and type of flooring you use matches the design theme of the rest of the kitchen.

3. Stick To Your Kitchen Renovation Budget

As you create your budget, think about what matters most to you. The price you put on your kitchen depends on how you use it. If you like to cook, consider investing in high-quality appliances and countertops. Cabinetry with plenty of storage is useful for large, busy families.

Your kitchen renovation contractor can keep you within budget by discussing installation and material costs.

What Do I Need To Buy When Remodeling A Kitchen?

  • Countertops and cabinetry: Your cabinetry and countertops provide space for cooking and storage. Since storage is an essential part of the kitchen, a significant portion of your budget will likely go to the cabinetry. Design your kitchen with natural stone countertops and solid wood cabinets for a luxurious look. Speak with your kitchen renovation contractor about custom kitchen cabinet options that can accommodate your budget.
  • Flooring: Tile provides your kitchen with a timeless, classic appearance. Consider large tiles for a more modern look. Large tiles also provide easier installation and less maintenance. While ceramic tile works as a backsplash, porcelain is better for flooring. Porcelain tile is cost-effective and resists cracks and chips. Along with porcelain, natural stone flooring is a luxurious option for your kitchen flooring.
  • Appliances: Expect to spend the same percentage of your budget on energy-efficient appliances as you would on your flooring. High-quality cooking equipment gives your kitchen its purpose.
  • Hardware: Along with your cabinetry, also update your hardware. Metal handles and hinges are available at any price point. While cabinetry and flooring are essentials, you don’t need expensive hardware. Find out if you can keep the pieces from your previous cabinetry to save money on your kitchen remodeling project.


4. Work Closely With Your Contractor

Contractors work with you to bring your dream kitchen to life. Your contractor knows which materials are available and which guidelines you need to follow to get the kitchen you want. They will also hire a group of workers to enter your home and carry out your vision for the kitchen.

Find a trustworthy contractor through referrals and online reviews to assist you during your residential remodeling project.

How To Help Out Your Contractor

Here are some ways to develop a healthy relationship with your contractor and their workers:

  • Be kind to your contractor and workers: Having workers travel through your personal space may be frustrating. Instead of showing them how annoyed you are, be intentional about practicing kindness. Thank them for their hard work as often as you can. Provide them with refreshments and refrain from engaging in lengthy conversations. The workers will do a better job if they’re focused on their work and comfortable in your home.
  • Visit the house during work hours: Show up while the contractors and workers are on the job. By doing so, you demonstrate that you care about the project. Use this time to thank the staff and to communicate any necessary items with your contractor.
  • Establish rules for the house: Be clear about what’s allowed in your home. We do not allow our workers to smoke inside or play extremely loud music, and we work to accommodate your wishes throughout the construction process if at all possible. You can also choose which bathrooms they use and if they’re allowed access to your fridge.
  • Create a method of communication: Discuss your thoughts and opinions with your contractor throughout the planning and construction process. During construction, make sure the contractor has your contact information in case they need to get in touch with you. Between meetings, set up a dry erase board or sticky notes to provide a way to communicate in your home.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips in Crystal Lake, IL from Area Flooring & Tile

Choose Area Flooring & Tile For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project In Crystal Lake, Illinois

At Area Flooring & Tile, we have a variety of products available to remodel your kitchen, including:

Our team of professionals in Crystal Lake has experience with full remodeling, in addition to flooring and tile. We’ll go through the process with you of brainstorming your dream kitchen. When you’re ready to take that first step, contact us online or call (224)713-2732.