Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Home remodeling projects can be stressful because of all the aspects involved. However, incorporating design elements that reflect your taste and interests can also be fun and exciting. 

You have numerous factors to weigh before embarking on this journey. Your reasons for doing it may influence the result, from the tiles you choose to the shower or bathtub style. Whatever you decide, it’s good to know you’re not alone. Area Flooring & Tile, Inc., is happy to assist you with every stage of your remodeling project. We’ve compiled this piece on bathroom remodel considerations and how we can help you realize your dream concept.

Purpose of a Remodeling Project

Why might you consider embarking on a bathroom remodel?

  • Optimize space: A small bathroom can become cramped and uncomfortable, so remodeling it to increase its size and optimize space is always a good idea. Considering how much time you spend using it, it’s worth investing in a roomy, comfortable bathroom. 
  • Aesthetic appeal: Remodeling is a chance to express yourself. Why not do so with your bathroom? Mixing and matching colors and styles can create your desired aesthetic appeal. There’s no limit to what you can do. 
  • Increase home value: When you sell your home, the work you’ve had done on it will net you a higher price — especially if you choose neutral, safe colors and designs that will attract prospective buyers. An overly customized design may put them off, since they’d need to spend more to change it to suit their taste. We can help you navigate the current trends and cutting edge functionality that people are looking for in their ideal bathroom.

Bathroom Layout Remodeling Options

There’s so much you can do to change the layout when remodeling a bathroom. Depending on the size, you can choose a shower, bath or both. You also have numerous style and material options. The flooring is a priority, because your choice will impact the entire bathroom, especially the tile or laminate floor color.


Flooring isn’t the most glamorous aspect of your bathroom remodel, but it can still make a significant difference. Remember a few things when deciding whether you’d like tiles or laminated floors. The tile type you choose is critical. Here are the primary distinctions. 

  • Ceramic: This material isusually lighter in weight, more affordable and comes in various colors, textures and finishes that allow you to customize your bathroom. Depending on their style, ceramic tiles add dimension and make the room appear bigger. One drawback is that it is less solid and more prone to cracking and breaking than porcelain, but replacing one or a few tiles is cheaper than an entire floor. It is durable enough to last many years and relatively easy to clean. We suggest teaming up with professionals to get the job done right. 
  • Porcelain: These heavy tiles require professional installation. They are highly durable and require little maintenance. They come in various colors and designs that will make your bathroom stand out. Porcelain tiles are generally more expensive than ceramic tiles, but they look elegant and high-end. They are also available in larger tiles which add a unique touch and have less grout lines. These tiles can handle heavy foot traffic and are much more durable than ceramic floors. 
  • Vinyl/Laminate flooring: This material is usually the most affordable option, giving you outstanding value for your money. Vinyl and laminate floors benefit from expert installation for a cleaner finish. They are water-proof, easy to clean with a broom and mop and don’t need wax to maintain their shine. You’ll enjoy walking on vinyl and laminate flooring because of the convenient underlayment, and it’s warmer than its tile counterpart. Visually, this type of floor offer a unique look that can resemble hardwood or stone. They are becoming increasingly popular and available in more styles and colors than before. One noteworthy drawback of laminate floors is that you cannot refinish them if they get damaged — instead, you must replace them.

Bathtub vs. Shower

If you’re fortunate enough to have room for a bath and shower, you could benefit from having the best of both worlds. Enjoy a quick, refreshing shower or indulge in a luxurious, steamy bath to unwind and soak up the warmth and bubbles. 

Here are a few considerations for shower and bathtub styles.

Shower Style

You can choose from numerous shower styles to accommodate and enhance your bathroom’s layout. These are a few popular options. 

  • Walk-in shower: This choice is gaining traction due to the versatility, accessibility and safety it offers. The sloped flooring diverts water to the drain, and it usually has one frameless panel to keep water from spilling outward excessively. 
  • Custom shower: A customized bathroom design team will build your shower to your specifications from the floor up, giving you free rein in the wall and floor design choices. One option is a curbless shower which is created by making the bathroom floor flush with the shower floor. There is no raised curb around the perimeter of the shower. This is an attractive option which creates the illusion of the shower and the rest of the bathroom flowing seamlessly together. 
  • Corner shower: A corner shower is perfect for smaller spaces. It has two panels that meet in the middle, with one serving as a door. It can include a pan or have a gradient floor for drainage.

Bathtub Style

If you have your heart set on installing a new bath, you must have the bathroom space and floor capacity to handle its size. Some bathtubs are heavier and require additional reinforcement and support. Also, your water heater must be able to accommodate the loads if you fill your bath to capacity. Here are a few bathtub styles that may interest you. 

  • Alcove bathtub: Similar to an alcove shower, this recessed bath provides more space to use the rest of the bathroom. 
  • Corner bathtub: A bathtub situated neatly in a corner saves space and looks stylish. 
  • Free-standing bathtub: These classic, elegant tubs are luxurious and glamorous. There are traditional clawfoot tub options or more modern and sleek freestanding tubs. 

Vanity Options

The sink vanity finishes your bathroom style with a design that complements the rest of the remodeling job. It could be the main attraction if done right. There are so many options to choose from, and you can incorporate your vanity once you’ve decided on all the elements that will complete your bathroom.

Explore Your Interior Design Options With Area Flooring & Tile, Inc.

Area Flooring & Tile, Inc., has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you with your bathroom remodeling project. We understand what it takes to maximize your budget to deliver a unique, custom job and will work closely with you to manage your expectations. Our interior design expertise sets us apart from the rest. We discuss every design aspect with you to ensure your satisfaction before and after a job. 

We always encourage clients to purchase our project materials, since we know what would serve the best purpose for their goals and be most appropriate. We also know our products and are able to keep all the warranties in house. Leaving everything from the design to the installation in our capable hands will ensure you don’t have to worry about subpar work that could jeopardize your completed project’s outcome.

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