Should You Buy Flooring Online?

When we can buy everything from our next meal to clothes through e-commerce, some homeowners wonder about buying flooring online. Online retail lets you conveniently shop at any time. Before you click "buy now," you should know that flooring is something you want to shop for in person.

The Risks of Buying Big Box

Large chain retailers sell flooring, but there are a few disadvantages to getting flooring from big box stores, even though you're shopping in person:
  • Quality worries:Big box stores carry multiple products at different price points, but without a professional to help you, you may not know which product is right for you. Leaning on the knowledge and expertise of a flooring professional can save you a lot of future headaches, aggravation, and money! Flooring is too big of a gamble to risk getting the wrong kind, an inferior product, or having it installed incorrectly.
  • Product knowledge:Big box stores don't require employees to have experience with flooring, and they stock many types of products every day. They can tell you what aisle the flooring is in, but often that's all they know.
  • Service:Big box stores may not have specialized installation professionals or in-house flooring experts, so you can't be sure you'll end up with the right floor or that they will install it correctly. Often, it's a self-serve experience.

Online Flooring Risks

When you shop online for flooring, you run into different challenges:
  • You can't see before you buy:Since you're shopping based on a picture, you can't be sure what you'll get. The way your floor looks in pictures and how it looks in person can be very different.
  • You get no opinions: There is no professional to speak to when you shop online, so you could end up with flooring that does not match your needs.
  • Returns and installation may be tricky:Few online stores offer installation, and if you get an unexpected floor, you may need to ship it back at your expense. Some online retailers are located outside the country or in another time zone, making customer service challenging.
  • Knock-off products and inferior quality:Since online retailers primarily focus on the lowest possible price, they often choose to use cheap material substitutes. Even some online flooring with the same name can be manufactured in a different way by cutting corners on quality just to achieve a lower price.

Why Choose Local Flooring Stores

A local flooring expert like Area Flooring & Tile, Inc. offers superior quality. We carefully vet the flooring we offer, and our service is our specialty. We get to know your flooring needs to ensure you get the right floor for your home. We give you our focused attention during your project, from start to finish.

Shopping locally with flooring professionals who also live in your area offer many benefits:
  • You get the best flooring to fit your unique needs: We physically step foot in your home and learn about your lifestyle to recommend the best flooring for you!
  • Our local reputation:We strive to steer you in the right direction and doing the work correctly as our reputation in the community is important to us. While no one can be perfect, we work to prevent issues and quickly resolve them if they arise. We value your satisfaction and recommendations.
  • A single place of accountability: Have you considered what happens with something goes wrong, and the retailer of the product blames the contractor, and the contractor blames the retailer? You get stuck in the middle with no one taking responsibility. Many of our customers have unfortunately found themselves in this place, and we have been able to make things right after a very unnecessary expense. With us, you get the complete package of both labor and materials.

Area Flooring & Tile, Inc. has a huge selection, from natural stoneluxury vinylhardwood and more. Our comprehensive inventory and expert advice ensure you get a floor that suits your aesthetic, needs, budget and lifestyle. Since we are a full-service remodeling company, we also offer general contracting work, countertops and cabinets to match your new floors. Your flooring renovation will make your home more beautiful, and we have the services to renovate your entire house.

Our job isn't done when you choose your ideal floor. Our professional flooring installation ensures your floors last, and we offer post-installation service for your peace of mind. Area Flooring & Tile, Inc. is your partner in beautiful new floors and home renovations, so look at our inspiration gallery and contact us today to learn more about our services.