How To Pick Colors For A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling projects are the perfect time to spice up one of the most frequently used spaces in your home with a splash of color. Even the most simple design change can transform your kitchen to become a place where guests and family members go to catch up on life and admire your new interior.

Choosing the colors for your kitchen remodel can take some time. You have the opportunity to explore your favorite hues and find tones that match the items that already make your kitchen feel like home to you and your family. Check out the following tips to find the best colors for kitchen remodels.

How to Choose Colors for Your Kitchen Remodel

Deciding on a color scheme before starting your kitchen remodel gives you a shared point of reference with your contracting team.

Finding a color palette to match your aesthetic and vision for a beautiful kitchen can depend on the items you plan to keep in this space. Your counters, cabinets, floor, appliances and other essentials can provide your kitchen with colors you can work with when you need inspiration.

A good rule of thumb is to make either your cabinets or your wall color serve as a focal point. For example, you can choose a subtle wall tone such as white, beige or gray and more colorful kitchen cabinets to make your style pop, or vice versa.

You can also consider these kitchen remodeling tips.
  • Match colors to your home's current palette:Matching your kitchen to the surrounding living spaces, such as the living or dining room, can tie together your existing aesthetic.
  • Consider your flooring:You can keep your current floors or choose new ones that highlight your favorite kitchen features or colors. Classic hardwood floor colorsinclude dark brown, light brown, white, gray and black. You can also choose porcelain floor options that come in a wide selection of colors that are durable and low maintenance.


Cool and Warm Tones

One of the easiest ways to decide on your kitchen color scheme is by discovering your tone preference. You can choose to use warm or cool tones in your kitchen. The lighting in this space can determine whether you already have these hues.

If you have yellow lighting in your kitchen, you can use warm color tones in your cabinets, backsplashes, floors and walls. Cooler tones fit best with the kitchen's features when your lights are white.

So, what colors work best with each tone?
  • Warm tones: Yellow lighting that produces warm tones works best with yellows, reds, oranges, light greens, browns and beiges.
  • Cool tones: White lighting pairs beautifully with cool tones such as blue, dark green, gray, black and dark purple.

White is a neutral that meshes well with either option, so you can always depend on this color to tie your kitchen designs together.

Cabinets, Countertops and Backsplashes

With the help of your kitchen essentials, your choice of potential color schemes can become easier to decide. If you plan to create a color scheme that matches your aesthetic for your kitchen accessories, you can plan to paint your walls a subtle color to maximize your kitchen's features. Look at a few trending kitchen color schemes to visualize the perfect style for your living space.

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors are white, black, ash gray, sage green and faded light blue.

Cabinet Colors

In recent years, kitchen cabinet styles have significantly changed for homeowners worldwide. The standard light and dark brown wood cabinets are still a staple in many homes. However, more remodeling projects are using vibrant, neutral and trending colors to add a splash of new style to kitchens.

Some of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors are white, black, ash gray, sage green and faded light blue. Each option uses cool tones and minimalistic colors, so you have more hues to choose from for your floor, backsplashes and countertops.

If the lighting in your kitchen is yellow or orange, you can use warmer tones in your cabinets, such as pale or mustard yellow, light brown, light green, beige, teal and off-white. White lighting effortlessly highlights pale blue and green, black, gray, white and purple for a new, classy look for your kitchen.

Countertop and Backsplash Colors

Many homeowners overlook countertop colors during a kitchen remodeling project because they believe they have to use the same hues as the cabinets. Countertops are the perfect way to make your cooking areas pop with a hint of color, texture and shine. You might think of these spaces as placemats for your dishes and decorations, but they have become one of the most prominent focal points in kitchens over the last couple of years.

Similar to the approach of cabinet colors, you can choose to match your countertop hues to achieve the opposite vibrancy of your walls.

If you are still unsure what colors to choose, look at the backsplash you currently have in your kitchen or the tiles you plan to purchase for the remodel. Countertops and backsplashes complement each other effortlessly. If you have white and brown backsplash tiles, you can choose marble or quartz in the same color. Maybe you want a light blue and gray backsplash. You can choose a light gray granite countertop with hints of blue. This design tip saves time and makes your kitchen look beautiful with matching tones and complementary patterns.

Kitchen Color Schemes

If you could use some inspiration from trending kitchen color schemes, check out some of these kitchen color design tips that highlight popular color palette choices.
  • Choose neutral colors:In the past five years, neutral colors have become the main color scheme in many homeowners' kitchens. You can achieve this classy style in your home by implementing white, black, gray and beige into your cabinets, countertops, walls and floors. Some remodeling projects have used black cabinets and counters to highlight the light brown wood in stools, kitchen utensils and decorations. Sometimes, less is more!
  • Work with pastels:Warm and cool tones pair effortlessly with pastel hues, subtle, delicate colors. You can create a timeless style in your kitchen by using pastel or pale blues, greens, yellows, and many other colors in your cabinets or countertops. You can use white, gray and light brown to highlight these colors easily.
  • One vibrant color:If you enjoy having a dramatic focal point in your kitchen, you can draw your guests' attention with one eye-catching color for your cabinets, countertops or walls. Many homeowners have opted for rich and dark blues, purples, reds or greens to make up one of the kitchen's features and used neutral colors for the rest of the room. With this method, you can incorporate some of your favorite, unique colors in the kitchen that match any aesthetic.

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