Best Flooring For Pets

If you live with cats, dogs or other animals, you should consider a few factors when shopping for new floors. The flooring type you choose should make your life easier and maintain its appearance. Save time and money by selecting the best flooring for pets.

Considerations for Choosing Floor for Pets

Keep these factors in mind when searching for a dream floor design for households with pets:
  • Water resistance: Dogs may create muddy footprints, cause spills and have accidents. You'll want floors that protect against liquids so your surfaces maintain a like-new appearance.
  • Scratch resistance: Pets run around, so you'll want durability against wear and tear. Durable surfaces prevent claws from causing marks and scrapes.
  • Comfort and safety: Hyper and fast-moving animals need traction to prevent slips and injuries. Materials with texture or padding offer a better grip to keep your pets safe.

Best Flooring Options for Cats and Dogs

Consider these attractive, durable flooring choices for homes with pets:
  • Ceramic tile: The many ceramic designs and color choices provide a way to achieve a pet-friendly look you'll love. The surface wipes easily and provides resistance to scratches and stains.
  • Porcelain tile: You can place porcelain in any room in your home, as the tough surface provides protection against spills and wear and tear. There are many textured porcelain tile options that provide slip resistance for your pets your dogs specifically will thank you if they enjoy racing around your couch.
  • Luxury vinyl: Scratch, moisture and dent resistance makes vinyl a perfect choice for families with cats and dogs. This low-maintenance flooring option comes in multiple patterns and colors.
  • Pre-Finished Hardwood: Hardwood floors sometimes get a bad wrap for being prone to scratches. This is certainly more true for site-finished hardwood floors. However, pre-finished hardwood offers a far superior finish and scratch resistance. Being finished in the factory, the finish is UV cured and most often have 9+ coats of finish; whereas, site finished floors normally only have 2-3 coats and are more prone to human errors in finishing. A quality pre-finished hardwood is a good flooring option for your pets.

How to Care for Floors When You Have Pets

Follow these tips for maintaining your floors in homes with cats and dogs:
  • Use safe cleaning products: Cats and dogs may lick the floor, and you won't want them to ingest bleach, hydrochloric acid or ammonia. Use products without harmful ingredients.
  • Cover eating areas: A mat at your pet's feeding station keeps food and water spills from touching your floor. Wipe the area with a cloth regularly.
  • Prioritize house training: Pet training can prevent damage in the long run. Teach good behavior to reduce accidents and prevent your pets from scratching and chewing on floors.

How to Choose the Best Floor for Pets

Pick your favorite pet-friendly floors for your upgrade or renovation based on these combined qualities:
  • Style: Design options provide a way for pet owners to get their desired floor appearance. Choose floors to match any room theme.
  • Budget: Cost-effective flooring can suit any renovation budget. Talk with a flooring professional to find the right match for your pricing, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.
  • Upkeep: Maintain your floors with water- and stain-resistant options. Select tile or luxury vinyl for smooth surfaces you can sweep or mop.

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